The Plan

20131209-143530.jpgI have devised a plan for this book to launch next year. I think I’ve been pretty good at updating and editing. I barely watch television outside of a few shows, so I’ve been really bearing down on the text. I’ve been doing this with the sole purpose of having draft 2 of this book done before the New Year. I will also note that when I explained this to the girlfriend, I said that barring me getting sick, I should everything done on time. Guess who’s had a fever the last few days?

Regardless, things look good. I put it out there on Facebook that I need some test readers. This to help me determine how good the books is and how it flows. The other purpose is for editing sake. I need as many eyes on this as possible. This phase of the plan I want to kick off in January. I have made my preliminary selections of test readers so they will get a message from me in a few weeks. I will give them a month to finish the book, which I think is reasonable. Then hopefully I can get some quality feedback. This will help me figure out if there any plot holes or if the book is too racy. At the very least I should be able to find out if the book sucks or not.

I’m also thinking about releasing a chapter here on the blog. I feel that most of the people who have been following my exploits all these years should see what his I’m fussing about. I also think that for all the blogs I’ve about writing a book, it would be nice to show people that I’m actually doing it rather than just saying that I am. Plus there is also the fact that I have re-written the ending which means that I have an alternative ending to the book than I may release at some point. I dunno, this is just me talking shit right now.

This will also help get off my ass and finally buy some ISBNs that I ranted about years ago (I also want to point out in that blog post I talked about a certain book of poetry I was going to publish. I shake my head at this because the book is done, I just haven’t done anything with it). Now that I have gotten somethings from my plate cleared I should be able to take this next step. Since I’ve chose the route of self publishing, it will make sense to have my own ISBN that will allow me to have books on sale in multiple outlets. The interesting thing is my girlfriend asked me why I haven’t thought about shopping the book around to publishers. It is something that I have briefly considered. The main point is that most, if not all, publishing houses will not look at you if you don’t have an agent. More importantly, this is my first book and I want to be in control of everything from the look of it to the price.

Which brings me to my next point. The book jacket needs to be designed. I have an idea that I think will make the book look attractive enough for people to at last glance at. We live in a visual society so I have to make something visually interesting. Let’s face, once that cover is done its going to be all over my instagram and twitter. I can’t afford it to be anything less than stunning.

So if I did the math in my head correctly and if everything goes according to plan, I am looking at having this book out in April. With that being said, I’m ok with some unforeseen things happening in this process. I don’t know everything so there is chance that I may miss something important. But I can say that I feel very good with the process the way it is now.

Let me know what you think!

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