Five Years a Blog

20140122-134555.jpgI have been racking my brain to come up with a good intro to this blog and I simply can’t. There is no better way to say that I have been a consistent writer. I have found time for myself over the last five years to continue something that I once considered a hobby. Now this blog is simply another facet of who I am.

Don’t get me wrong, there was a time (when I was a Padawan) when I wrote a blog entry every day for four months. Now, my blogs are sparse because life has changed for me. I think that my writing and the overall look of this blog has evolved along with my outlook on life. I’m just glad I have this outlet that people occasionally read.

What these years have taught me more than anything else is that I need to maintain my sense of humility. I have made mistakes that are not like typos that I can just fix with a keyboard. I will carry those for as long as I need too. However, there have been successes. I think that I have gained more support since I left Blogger to come to WordPress and I’m very happy about that.

The future is still unclear though. There is a serious thought about stepping my blog game up once again. I currently do not pay for this site and to me, it shows. I remember at one point I had my own domain name. My ridiculously amateurish blog from the late 90’s was under my full name with a dot com. I asked myself, “why would anyone search for me under this url?” Nowadays, that doesn’t sound so crazy, but I’m still not using my first name. If I do decide to go down this road, I will have many names to choose from.

For the near future, I’ve decided on lending my blog out next month to independent Black/Latino Comic Book writers. I made the call out to them in various channels and I will be emailing them with the next 12 hours about logistics. The goal is to promote writers of color that many people don’t know about.

I’m hoping year five will be better than year four. When the book comes out, this will be the hub of all the business. Let’s just hope that business will be good.

Thanks for your support over the last how many years, months, or days you have been reading. I appreciate the support.

3 thoughts on “Five Years a Blog

      1. Thanks! It only seemed like yesterday that I started this blog. It’s weird, as you know, how something that started out as a hobby is now your business. It’s kinda strange but in a good way.


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