40 Things About Me Before I Turn Forty

20140611-151219-54739960.jpgI’m twirling my iced coffee today thinking about what I’m going to write tomorrow when I thought about the fact that I barely post any more and when I do it is about the novel. So I figured I should do something fun. Here are some things about me that I should just rehash about myself before the big 40 tomorrow. Don’t worry this a straight list with no gifs… I’m not Buzzfeed. lol

  1. I talk to myself when no one is around.
  2. I have never broken a bone. *knocks on wooden desk*
  3. First job at 14 was at Pathmark in Inwood
  4. I’ve done online dating before it was scientific.
  5. I still read comic books
  6. When I was 9, I forgot my gym shorts and paraded out the locker room in my Robin Underoos. (long story, it worked though)
  7. Freshman year in college I wrote and made song called “Ant-Man.” (it was the worst rap song in the history of all songs….ever)
  8. I was highlighted in the Syracuse Post Standard as an up and coming young Latino.
  9. I’ve written more than 100 poems
  10. I lost a part of my soul on the ride Kingda Ka.
  11. I spent 12 years in Catholic School.
  12. The first concert I ever worked was Everclear in 2001. (No clue who they are)
  13. I still play Dungeons and Dragons.
  14. I can cook pretty well and getting better at it.
  15. I’ve contemplated suicide in High School.
  16. I posted 6 chapters of an old project on Goodreads
  17. My old blog is still active.
  18. The Exorcist is the scariest movie I have ever seen. I refuse to watch it again. lol
  19. I’ve met many artists backstage including, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Common, The Roots, Childish Gambino, ASAP Rocky, Immortal Technique, & Frankie Negron.
  20. The first movie I saw alone was Transformers: The Movie (1986)
  21. I was 17 when I dated my first girlfriend.
  22. I’ve written over 60 letters of recommendation
  23. I’ve been pepper sprayed before (another long story, damn college dance parties).
  24. I’ve rolled my car in a accident.
  25. I’ve written 8 articles for the Huffington Post
  26. My first concert was Wu-Tang Clan.
  27. I’ve broken bread with Junot Diaz, Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, Willie Perdomo, Miguel Melendez, Michele Carlo and Piri Thomas (RIP).
  28. I was an expert in Street Fighter II and Tekken 2 (come at me bro).
  29. I’m way too competitive and, yes, sore loser has been used to describe me.
  30. I wrote a 5 minute play called “Call your Mother” when I was in college.
  31. I’ve seen the Pacific Ocean (as New Yorker, that is a big deal).
  32. I’ve been married (and divorced).
  33. My longest drought was 3 years (figure it out).
  34. I was in attendance for the 6 Overtime game at MSG.
  35. I sing and dance while I’m cooking (until my girlfriend walks in and then I stop lol)
  36. One time I got so mad playing Mario Kart with friends that I throw in Oreo cookie against the wall just to see how it would explode on impact (I have issues).
  37. I ran my first 5k this past April.
  38. I was on Wall St during 9/11
  39. My parents divorce went to the NY Supreme Court (I just found this out. lol)
  40. I wrote a novel.

I could have kept going. It was fun and interesting to think about all those things. It makes me think about where I have been and where I can go. Tomorrow will be interesting.

2 thoughts on “40 Things About Me Before I Turn Forty

  1. You mean the Appellate Division – which is one step up from the Supreme Court in NY – and even more impressive 😉

    We need to story behind #6!

    …and Happy Birthday (a few hours early!)


    1. Appellate Division? Eh, Good enough!

      Go Big or Go home! Which kinda explains #6, I thought I was a superhero and I didn’t want to miss gym! 🙂

      Thank you for the Birthday Wishes!


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