Guess Who’s Back?

{Originally Posted on Xanga}

That is right…I am back. My old site was…well old. Like me. I just turned 30 on the 12th. Well I can tell you that I am now starting from scratch. If you really want to see my old site…well I guess I will give you a glimpse…later

I was having trouble with my old blogger and I got sick of it, so I am trying something new. I will, however, include an entry that I wrote that was never published because of these damn issues. So this will be my new home for now. I will still contain links to my original site for shits and giggles.

A lot has been going on with me lately. Had my folks up here from my b-day and father’s day. That went well. My job is stressing me for reason I will not get into, but it does effect my career choices from here on out…and no I am not leaving SU or my current job.
There is a new feature…You can comment on my posts…and the jury is still out on weather I like that or not. Time will tell. Anyway…here is the old post that I could not publish. I wrote this on June 3rd….

It has been awhile…and as I sit here looking at this blank screen with just the words that I type, I ponder the last 30 years of my life. If you don’t know I turn 30 on the 12th of this month. I don’t feel 30…I still feel like a kid. I mean I still watch cartoons (Justice League Rocks!), play video games, collect comics, and any other childish thing that I get kick out of. However I feel wiser and I feel a lot smarter. I have learned a lot in my tenure at Syracuse University. I realized that I learn just as much from the students I interact with as they learn from me.

Today’s post will not be the normal amusement that I usually provide because this is more of a reflection. Don’t get me wrong. There are tons of stupid shit that I witness all the time. For example my damn dogs escaped AGAIN. This time both of them were gone. Fucking Bonnie and Clyde. They end up in someone else’s yard…geez. As I get older I realize I can effect students and that I actually have people listening to what I say…and I tell ya, that is a surprise. I was the type of kid that was pulled at both ends from parents that want to kill each other in a bloody divorce. I was the type of kid that NO girls looked at. I was the type of kid that was picked on because I was small and skinny (thanks to my lovely wife for feeding me all the time…you can call me Buddha now). I was the type of kid that felt that nothing I did or will do ever matter.

Well I was wrong.

What I do…matters. White people in my industry don’t see me coming. They don’t know what to make of me. Is he black? Is he lazy? Is he a thug? No…no…and no. Latino is a new term to people. As if Sammy Sosa is the only dark Latino that ever existed. To most Americans…there are Mexicans…and Sosa. The rest of us are a different version of black. So they don’t see me coming nor do they understand “Preciosa” blaring from my office…

{Editors Note: This was my first blog on Xanga}

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