F.U. Pods 2: The Attack of the White-Pods

{Originally Posted on Myspace}

So, I got to get Vol. 3 today and I was in for an experience. The few good things about Syracuse are that there is malls where you can pretty much get anything you want. Of course, at the Carousel Mall we have the lovely APPLE store. So if something is wrong with your I-Mac or your I-Pod you can go here and they will figure it out. Now you can set an appointment online and they show up when your time slot is up. No big deal, it is not like I have not done this before.

Well I am there and I am waiting. I am like 20 minutes early. So as I stand there, this overwhelming reality comes to me. I am the only person of color in this store. Everyone is white! The clerks and the customers are all white. At that moment it was like everything made sense. Here I am trying to get my White-Pod fixed and I am the only person that sticks out. Of course being dark in this situation, I know that if I am unsatisfied customer, I cannot act a fool. It is like a rule. This is not like it is Pathmark in the Bronx where you can get loud and no one really cares because, fuck it we are all loud. But here, if you act up and the are only brotha thereheh, then you know they will all think, look at this n*gger (not that they dont now). The sad part is none of them can tell the difference between a dark Latino and African American (unless I am David Ortiz).

But I digress. What made sense to me was, holy shit, if I had mad loot, like most of these white people, I would not care if my warranty was up. I would just buy a new one because that is my privilege. So, why not call it a White-Pod? Mine is white, I just cover it up with a skin. Then I was like, I would not be surprised if the CEO of APPLE went on Oprah and was like, These I-pods are not meant for black people. Meanwhile Johnny Whitebread is listening to T.I.

Anyway, so I did not get Vol. 3 yet. Apparently, they dont have a record of me renewing my warranty. But, I did not get mad because I have the information at home so I will come back. I know, kinda anti climatic, but the funny shit is, as I am in the store with my White-Pod, my wife is outside of the store getting solicited by some dude to fill out a survey about Latinos. First off, the survey was for like the University of Netherland (WTF???). The questions were like: Do you think Hispanics are hard workers? (No, all we do is eat rice and beans and multiply) Do you think America is still an immigrant country? (Ask the Native Americans). I am guessing the point of the survey is to question people about immigrationbut not to really ask Hispanics. I tell ya, it must be the dark skin that confuses people.

Let me know what you think!

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