F.U. Pods!!!

{Originally Posted on Myspace}

So, I am going on my 3rd I-Pod. Yes3. This is what I dont getyou pay all this money on a piece of equipment that should work. But, lucky for me, my first one was 11 months and some change into my 1-year warranty. So they had to give me a new one. Now, when I say new, I am not talk about a phat video I-Pod. I am talking about a never been used before version of the I-Pod that I bought more than a year ago.

My second I-Pod that I call Vol.2 is barely 3 months old and my shit doesnt work! Vol.2 is 20GB and I have just over 2000 songsand I jam hard let me tell you. I dont fuck around with my music. I got everything for Old School Hip Hop to Disco. I got everything from Salsa to Reggaeton. I dont play. So it pisses me off that this morning my FU-Pod dont work. Oh, and you best believe that I renewed my warranty so them people at APPLE will give me a new one.
So let me school you all on the I-Pod. When I spoke to the Tech about the life of an FU-Pod he said that the average life is 1.5 years. What? 1.5 Years? So if you do not renew your warranty (like my wifewho had vowed to shove hers up the ass of the CEO of APPLE), then you have to pay for a new one. Ok, so get this. If your unit breaks within the warranty they just give u a new one. As, I mentioned earlier, a new one is not the video FU-Pod, it is the same piece of shit version you bought. At this point, I am pissed because at the time we had just purchased an I-Pod Nano for my wifes cousin Vanessa and I will be damned if her unit is gonna break after 1.5 years.

This man tells me, Oh the Nanos will never break because they have flash technology. WTF??? Why am I hearing this now? Well the problem with your I-Pod is the hardware technology, they breakdown after while Fucking great. So he proceeds to tell me how great flash technology is. Apparently FU-Pods are not meant to be moved a lot, but they dont tell you this in those fucking commercials where you see people jogging with them or better yet.DANCING.

So Hopefully Vol.3 wont break anytime this year.

{Editor’s Note: This was my first Blog on Myspace}

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