Tired of Excuses (Hi Haters!)

This past Tuesday we all witnessed history as Barack Obama was sworn in as our 44th President. I personally saw it on the big screen with more than 700 students and staff in the Goldstein Auditorium in the Schine Student Center. After that the inauguration, I went up to one of the students I mentor and I told him “No More Excuses”. He gave me this puzzled look as if he had not understood what I was telling him. Rather than explain it to him right then in there, I just simply told him to make an appointment.

I have worked with students for more than 7 years now, so I have heard just about everything they can tell me about why they are not doing well in classes, or why they show up for work late. They will tell me things as if I was never a student at Syracuse University. I have thought of theses same lame ass excuses. I truly recognize that we are in a different time here in America.

Anyway to a few points that I want to make. I had to work today (yes on a Sunday), because my area had to train students. I heard excuses of 3 students of color that either were late (one was 1.5 hours late, the other was 3 hours late) or didn’t show up at all. I wont sit here and tell you that there were white students that were late or didn’t show, because that would not be true. But my issue is, you are in college, in a tough economic time in which there are students who cannot return, and you are late to your job? Fine it is a work-study position. But, if I am not hard on them…who do you think will be worse than me when they graduate?


One has to admit that the first lady looks stunning in that dress. In fact, both those dresses were just fabulous. I am not a fashion expert, but Michelle Obama has made the White House trendy. She got mad love for the way she looked. I was most impressed that she picked dressed from designers of color. Asian American (Jason Wu) and a Cuban American (Isabel Toledo) were made overnight successes for the dresses she wore on Inauguration Day.

But as we know, the haters have to come from some where (Hi Hater). The co founder of The Black Artists Association, Amnau Eele is upset that Michelle Obama did not select a dress from an African American designer. If you think I am kidding it is right here. I have never heard of this group. They don’t have a website…I looked.

This man has got to be kidding me. So…I guessing there is still a racial divide somewhere? I mean I know that Latinos in general don’t consider themselves all that black (or actually,not black at all), why talk about how it is “our moment” like Michelle Obama is only representing one side of America? I have an answer for you Mr Eele, maybe the dresses she saw from the African American designers were WACK. Just a guess.

Bottom line, the BAA makes all of us people of color look ungrateful because we envy the success of an Asian or the Latino or the African American, etc. So I will dedicate this video to the BAA and will say the excuses of the few shall not or will not deter the driving force of the many.

Gotta love the remix…

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