Poem #4 Pressure Underneath

My feet in the sand
I try to draw that line
but I see the sun setting
me against the world
I feel pressure in my chest
overwhelmed with fear
I can see the tide coming in…
Submerged in my emotions
swimming within the reaches
of my consciousness
I breathe water like air
in search for peace within
the answers lay deep inside
the recess of the choppy waters
that is my mental
Name, faces, dates, and times
blend together in a collage
of images like
a high def movie screen
submerged in a pool
the pressure of deep
watery emotions
causes an explosion
of fears
with the ripple effects
irritating old pain
is it funny how ocean water
taste just like tears
but I swim deeper to see
what is causing the pressure?
is there a monster in my life?
whom do I need to cut out?
the further I go
the clearer the water
I arrive to the answer
the water I breathe
become a source of
a shocking choke
a mirror appears
and I now get the joke
an enemy within
truly the reason as it seems
I wake up in my bed
cursing my dreams

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