I left my Glasses in El Segundo (Fire Island)

I would like to refuse the urge to get into a crazy holiday/vacation story because it always ends up with some crazy outcome. This past week was not supposed to be that way. The original plan was to have a nice week with the girlfriend. However, by the end of it, I ended up leaving a part of myself in a small body of water off the coast of Long Island.

For years, I have fought the need to wear glasses. I had them in high school and it was not the favorite part of my wardrobe. I wore them because I needed to see but when I got contacts, I felt my Clark Kent days were over. However, I am sure any contact user will agree when I say that the eyes do get tired after awhile and over usage of contacts can make that luxury seem more like a burden.

I stopped wearing contacts on a daily basis about 2-3 years ago. I was tired of the fogging up of the lenses and I could never really tell if my headaches were because of the contacts or the stress of my life but needless to say I made the choice to wear glasses so much that even without them, I still find myself trying to push non existent frames on my nose.

Then about a little more than a year and a half ago, I found the perfect frames for me. They are very ones a rock in just about every current picture I have. Dark rimmed, squared with a hint a blue outlining them. I felt that this made me look very dignified since I was not really going down the contact road for while. I rock these so much that I have had to have the sides of the frames adjusted to they can stay tight around my years. Nevertheless, I knew I was beginning to overuse them and if I was not careful they could fly off my face if I had a sudden jolt in movement. I had also gotten to the point that I was wearing protective goggles when playing racquetball.

Even still, with the glasses seeming always sliding down the bridge of my nose, I was still contemplating getting another pair. My date with the eye doctor just an appointment away, I knew had just go and get it over with. In fact, I did set 2 appointments that I missed due to work. I figured that I can last the rest of the summer with this pair. Clearly, I thought wrong.

A funny thing happen when I was on Fire Island. This was a day that was a about a week or two in the planning. The girlfriend and I had our first anniversary this past week and we wanted to make it special in every sort of way. Each day was a different event that started here in Syracuse and then ended in New York City. The trip to Fire Island would end the week, which just so happened to be on the hottest day in the summer thus far. For those who don’t know, this is a small island that is off the coast of Long Island and is meant to be semi-private. A ferry is required to get to Fire Island and you have to bring your own food and beverage as well as take your trash with you when you depart.

The place is quite beautiful and water was cold, but on a day that was set to be 100º, it was perfect. We went with some of her friends and there was food, games, and drinks. One has to understand that when you wear glasses that are comfortable, you almost forget they are there. So going into the water with glasses on is something I have done before. The first time going in was no problem. It was very refreshing, but neither of us were ready to really go in. However, I did tell myself that if I am to go in again, I need to leave my specs back on the beach towel.

By the time we decided to go in again, it was just hot. I had totally forgotten to take them off and we went in. Of course one would think that having been smacked around by the waves the first few times that I might decide to run back and put my glasses away…but of course not. Then the big wave came and smacked me in the back like wall of water…and thus my glasses few off! It was like seeing this in slow motion and me screaming…noooooo! I lunged for them but it was too late. They hit the water as the tide receded…

I did look for them but they were gone and so began the next thought…how I going to get home? How bad was my eyesight? Was I going to die (I always ask myself this…even when I get a headache)? Turns out that my eyesight is not as bad as one would think. I can drive in the day (havent tried at night) without the aid of eyewear. However, it is something I would never choose to do because reading signs is a challenge. I will say I am glad I had back up pair of contacts at my aunt’s house because there was no way I was going to make it back to Syracuse.

Thus I dedicate this song to my favorite pair of glasses that are buried under the Great South Bay…

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