Driving and Texting

Recently the city of Syracuse passed a law that states that if you are caught texting and driving you will get a $150 fine. While I think it is about time for this law, I am kinda scared because I know that I have been guilty of this. It took me awhile to really think about the importance of texting. Do I get messages that are so critical that I need to text while I am at the wheel? Probably not.

During this age of social networking and technology, we are connected to the world in ways we weren’t just 10 years ago. The new phones that come out now allow us to do so much more than we could have ever imagined. With all the tweeting and status updates on Facebook, is there no wonder how we all got along without it.

However that bring us closer to the danger we face when on the roads. You think talking on the cell and driving was bad? Last week I was walking to my doctor’s office and I noticed one of the students driving and he was texting. He was approaching a stop sign and was not even looking at the road. Grant he was not going that fast, but does that really matter? I was taken back by this because I asked myself is that what I look like?

I do not text and drive much, but I have done it. At this point, if I do text, I will do it at a stop light or stop sign. I have also pulled over to do that. I know this sounds crazy, but I have reduced my texting due to the fact that I do have an iPhone. I just plug it into the car radio and listen to music. This way I just enjoy music and not worry about texts. If people are texting they can wait right? Otherwise they would call.

Of course that brings up the issue about driving and talking on the phone. I don’t own a blue tooth because I lost the last one. However, if I put my phone on speaker I am fine. Just don’t have an argument with me and we are fine!

Well let me tell you what I really think about when the thought of texting and driving comes to mind: 7 Pounds. If you have seen the movie then you know what I am talking about. Once you see that movie you will second guess everything in your life. More importantly, it will make you think twice about the importance of texting or emailing while driving. It really is not that deep.

I am not sure that the younger generation really takes this all that seriously. I am not even sure that $150 fine is enough. The law takes effect July 1st.

2 thoughts on “Driving and Texting

  1. This really hit home to me because just yesterday I was texting while driving and went to switch lanes, only to notice a car coming up along side me in the lane I was switching to. I saw him just in time as I looked up from my phone, and thank God, cuz it could have been bad…and it would have been all my fault.

    I usually only text at stop signs and lights too, but I’d be lying if I said I never did it on the Turnpike where I’m pretty much on cruise control doing 80. Not a good look and after yesterday, I probably will never text and drive again. Now I just call the person who’s texting me and let them know that I can either talk to them while I drive or they can wait to text me til I get home. No text message is worth my life or someone else’s. A car can be a weapon, and just like drunk driving, texting while driving can be dangerous…or even deadly.

    Thank you for posting this…I need this to be pounded into my head!


  2. Wow interesting topic. Because I don’t drive all that much I don’t really ever text/drive. This is one that I agree much like talking on the cell phone and driving shouldn’t be done. It’s just too dangerous imho. I’ve had taxi drivers to do it and it always makes me crazy to see it. It’s like wait til you get to your next destination buddy before you take my life in your hands.

    I agree with you Brooke – it’s not worth your life or better yet the innocent person in the other car life. Great topic today LN.


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